Foal Date: 2000

Price: $2500


Bailey is a 13.2h pony that has been in our program for 7 years. He walk, trots and canters under tack and on the longe. Bailey is a great beginners horse who needs some pushing forward. Bailey clips, ties, stands for the vet and farrier, trail rides. He also jumps 2' and is barefoot!


Foal Date: 1994

Price: $2000


Strong walk, trot, canter 15.1 quarter/arab who likes trails and jumps 3'! Blue has a soft carriage and is eager to work. Needs to be seen!


Foal Date: 1996

Price: $2500


O'Romeo is a phenomenal pony. He walk and trots on the longe with beginners, he prefers a light weight rider and performs best on a longer rein. romeo LOVES to trail! He is barefoot and has great ground manners.


Foal Date: 2003

Price: $8000


Keep Bio and add....He stands for the vet and farrier, clips, ties, is barefoot and has never had a lameness or colic.



Foal Date: 2004

Price: $10,000


SOLD, congratulations to Theo's new owner!


Foal Date: 1997

Price: $


Lilly is a lovely tempered mare of 18 years. She has a smooth walk, trot and canter. Lilly performs best under consistent work. Her specialty is hunter pleasure and would love to show a rider off in the show ring. Looking for lease!



Foal Date: 2005

Price: $5000


Bob has a steady-eddy personality. He loves to trail and has zero vices. Bob is truly a super star at our farm. He has potential to jump 3' and is schooling 2'3".



Foal Date: 2007

Price: $5000


SOLD, congratulations to Charlie's new owner!


Foal Date: 2001

Price: $20,000


Harvard's Princess is a branded Oldenburg who was imported from Germany in 2009 and has papers. She has competed sanctioned dressage and consistently scored in the 70s. Buffy has jumped 2'9" courses and has the ability to jump 5'. She was professionally trained by Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Rowena McMahon.


Foal Date: 2007

Price: $8000


Haydon is a one-of-the-kind QH pony. She has the temperament of an understanding schoolmaster. Haydon was trained western and knows how to neck rein. Here at Walnut Hollow she works well under an English seat and has been schooling over fences. She has a natural frame over the fence. Haydon will trail well alone or with others.



Foal Date: 2001

Price: $2500


SOLD, congratulations to Honey's new owner!


Foal Date: 2006

Price: $8000


Juicebox is a flashy appaloosa pony who has potential to jump the moon! He walk trots and canters under tack and longes beautifully for the beginners. Juice has a naturally soft frame and free shoulder. He has schooled cross country and jumped 2'6" under tack. MUST SEE!

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