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Half-hour lessons for $30. One time opportunity, take advantage of this exciting promotion while it lasts. Offered in April, May, June on Mondays and Tuesdays for ages 3-6 years old.

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Riding Lessons

Practice makes perfect.

Private Lesson

Group Lesson

Horseback riding lessons are available for all levels and all ages with any of our qualified on site instructors. We have five instructors giving riding lessons that may focus on Dressage, Hunter / Jumper or 3 Day Eventing disciplines.


Riding lessons are offered year round in our 80' X 150' indoor riding arena and in the outdoor arena, weather permitting. Lessons are provided on your horse or ours. For a minimal charge truck-ins are allowed as well.

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Credit price: $65

Credit price: $55

Cash price: $60

Cash price: $50

4 Lessons

10 Lessons



Private lessons by request: $60.00

Credit price: $190

Credit price: $420

Cash price: $180

Cash price: $400

*Must use minimum one lesson per week. *Make up lessons are re-scheduled for the following week. *Start date must be within four months of purchase date.

The instructors

Rowena McMahon: Owner / Dressage

Rowena graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in pre-veterinarian medicine in 1976. For the next three years, she worked at Gut Barbroich, West Germany with the well-known and accomplished Alois Pollmann Schweckhorst. Influenced by the Cavalry School of Hannover, "characteristic features of his style were suppling the horse with dressage, a forward seat, and established rythm.


Continuing her education at Merrimack College and New Hampshire Technical Institute in the U.S., she was employed as a key account executive for Philip Morris. She furthered her equestrian studies under the direction of Keith Angstadt, a New England dressage judge of Merit, at Bradford Equestrian Center, Bradford, Massachusetts.


Married to Elliot Pratt in 1997, Rowena acquired her dream farm, Walnut Hollow, in the year 2000 which she shares with her husband.

Elliot Pratt: Owner / Beginner / Novice

Elliot has only been riding for the last 15+ years.  But in his relatively short career he has undergone constant and rigorous supervision and training by Rowena.  He considers  it   probably the most challenging to master of all the sports he is accomplished at. (Rock climbing, Hang gliding,Skiing, Sailing, Mountain Biking, Road Biking.)   “You can brute force your way through most sports, everything changes when the other half of the equation is a horse.”  He considers himself extremely lucky to be able to work with these magnificent animals  in the Equestrian Industry. “  Seeing the self confidence that it builds in people is just so rewarding. I can’t imagine doing anything else at this point of my life.”

Ashley Brown: Hunter / Jumper / 3 Day Eventing

Ashley Brown and WALNUT HOLLOW FARM have been partnered for over eight years. She began as a working student, worked her way to instructor; she is now the head trainer and Director of Operations of WALNUT HOLLOW FARM. Ashley has a proven style of instructing that encourages her students to understand the biomechanics of the horse. Through this we can understand the needs of the horse and work as a team to accomplish goals. Ashley offers a year-­‐round program (on or off farm) that provides quality horsemanship through summer camps, clinics, lectures and multi-­‐discipline riding lessons for competitive and recreational riders. Ashley brings a fresh perspective on how to provide safe, fun and effective riding lessons to all ages and levels of riders.


Throughout Ashley’s career she has trained with many equine professionals such as Keith Angstadt, Pam Goodrich, Leslie DeGrandmason, Brad Giuda, Kami Wolk and Elmar Pollmann-­‐Schweckhorst. In the year 2009 Ashley spent time in Gut Bärbroich Germany training under the direct tutelage of world renowned Elmar Pollmann-­‐Schweckhorst, the author of “Training the Modern Jumper”. Elmar belongs to a family of enthusiastic breeders, trainers, and his brother Alois is a silver and bronze medalist in the national German championships. Elmar is a professional instructor and has competed successfully in the US, Canada, South America and Europe. In Germany she trained in jumpers, classical dressage and had the privilege of attending major equine events in Munich. Living in Germany with the Pollmann-­‐Scheckhorst family, she has been classically trained and offers a unique perspective in combining dressage principles, developing a better jumper, hunter or 3-­‐day eventer. By understanding and matching the rider and horse’s needs she promotes harmony. Ashley determines her student’s instructional needs based on their goals for rider and horse.


After returning from oversees, Ashley graduated from Framingham State University with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Psychology. As a graduate she uses her extensive knowledge to develop and promote WALNUT HOLLOW FARM. As Director of Operations, Ashley has partnered with Rowena to reach out to organizations such as The Girl Scouts of America, Bedford NH; BAE Systems, Young Camp Judea, Merrimack NH and the Towns of Merrimack and Amherst NH. She next started developing her own company TheBrownHorse (Ashley Brown LLC). Ashley offers off site quality horse training and riding lessons at reasonable prices with references available.


Over the past couple years Ashley has been focusing on growing WALNUT HOLLOW FARM’s riding program. She has developed extensive camp programs, brought riders along from lead-­‐line to the show arena, and has personally trained the lesson horses and client’s personal horses. Ashley has competed and placed at GMHA Woodstock VT, Bradford Equestrian Center MA, UNH, Green Acres, Weatogue Stables CT, HITS in Saugerties NY to list a few. She has achieved dressage scores of over seventy frequently.